Individual Training

We train on proficiently handling adverse situations. This includes medical, tactical, navigation, and com skills. Be skilled so you can confidently navigate this crazy world.


We strongly encourage individual preparedness for surviving a wide range of situations. When the power shuts off and the water stops, what will you do? Plan ahead while you can.


Knowledge is power. Rights not exercised are forgotten and soon lost. Tyranny never sleeps. It’s up to us to keep up with current events and stand for truth and liberty and justice for all.

In the spirit of our forefathers who fought and died to establish this great state, we join hearts and minds to uphold the rights of our fellow citizens. We are the Alamo unit of Texas State Militia.


Texas State Militia is a constitutional organization.

To aid the defense of liberty, Texas State Militia trains citizens within a well regulated organization. We are dedicated to upholding our natural and inalienable rights. Texas State Militia is sworn to defend the United States Constitution.

Our mission is to help preserve life, liberty, and property of all citizens. We strive to assist our communities with preparation and training with a view to self-sufficiency and self-defense in an emergency.

We absolutely do not tolerate any form of racism, hate, bigotry, or discrimination of any kind.



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